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The flavorful richness of the land of Lebanon go beyond our excellent olive oil. We also produce an abundance of the finest fruits, blossoms and vegetables. Keep in touch for inspiring products coming in the following months.

Pine Nuts

The rich soils and perfect climate of Lebanon grow our much beloved Mediterranean Stone Pine trees.  The cones of these trees are gently heated by local farmers to release the ivory-colored jewels hidden inside.  The creamy texture and delicate flavor of these pine nuts add the perfect flavor dimension to savory dishes and stuffings, as well as sweet pastry creations.  From tree to table – a Lebanese taste tradition just for You! Enjoy!

Rose Water

Our beautiful, fragrant roses are kissed by an abundance of sun that Lebanon enjoys all year long. LELO Rose Water fully benefits from this natural gift! Our Rose Water is purely and naturally extracted from roses that are picked petal by petal by the gentle farmer’s hands. Chemical and colorant free. Just a few drops will create intoxicating cocktails and iced syrups. It’s also great with ice cream and to incorporate into your favorite pastry creations. Or simply spray it on your face when you need a lift of refreshment!

Orange Blossom Water

The sunny climate and copious rainfall of Lebanon produces orange blossoms so fragrant they can be smelled throughout our town. LELO distilled Orange Blossom Water captures this experience in a bottle! Gently produced using only pure concentrate by local farmers, our distilled Orange Blossom Water is the ingredient you’ll love to include in your pastry making and cocktail mixing. It is also excellent when added to iced water, ice tea or as a facial spray on warm days. Freshly yours!

Carob Molasses

Carob, which has been cultivated for at least 4000 years in the Eastern Mediterranean, is known for its delicious, chocolatey flavor. LELO Carob Molasses uses hand-picked pods and is home-made by rural farmers in the same, traditional style as hundreds of years ago – pure and chemical-free with no artificial flavorings. Your senses will be awakened by its unique texture and flavor as you enjoy it spread on bread, ladled on ice cream or used in pastries and cocktail drinks. You may also use to garnish your roasted meats, as well as with tahini. We promise, this Carob Molasses will make chocolate syrup seem tasteless! Bon appetit!

Stuffed Baby Eggplant

Eggplants stuffed with almonds are an authentic, Lebanese treat. Our eggplants are grown in the fertile, sun drenched farms of Lebanon – deliciously ripened. The same rich soil produces almonds of exceptional taste and quality – hand-picked, cleaned and slowly roasted. The result is a traditional flavor combination that’s made in heaven. Of course, this delicacy is free of additives and chemicals – naturally delicious with a balance of velvety eggplant texture and almond crunch in every bite. Enjoy!

Whole Figs Preserved in Syrup

Cultivated in our rich soils and gentle climate, our plump and juicy figs are hand-picked at their peak of ripeness. We then gently simmer and preserve them in syrup in the traditional, culinary style of Lebanon. These home-made delicacies are chemical- and additive-free – naturally scrumptious! Enjoy them with ice cream, in your creative pastry recipes, as a garnish to roasted meats or over your cocktail. Bon appetit!