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Lebanon was the first region in history to cultivate and press olives for their precious oil. Our ancestors, the Phoenicians, were very proud of their uniquely delicious products. As leaders in commerce of their time, they exported the finest wines, cedar wood and golden, organic olive oil to all of Europe. This tradition continues today – 6000 years later – with LELO Fine Foods, which now brings the same purity of Lebanese Extra Virgin Olive Oil to America for you to discover.

As then, Lebanon enjoys four distinct seasons with six months of radiant sunshine and generous, pure rainfall yearly. This, along with our fertile soil, makes my land uniquely suited to producing the most exquisite olive oil. Indeed, Lebanese olive oil is one of the world’s best kept culinary secrets…until now, available only here online to be experienced by everyone!

Bringing you the flavor of our land is my life’s passion…and I’m so happy to share it with you.

Elie Nassar

Founder & CEO