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My youth in Remhala, Lebanon was spent amid the beauty and abundance of my family’s groves and orchards. Early Spring mornings were enchanted by the mesmerizing fragrance of orange blossoms combined with the gentle aromas of jasmine and wild oregano. The family olive, fruit and pine nut groves, as well as the grape vineyards, brought a bounty of natural goodness to our daily cooking and shaped the tasty meals created by my mom, Josephine. She made sure to prepare an abundant supply of orange and plum jams alongside of olives and olive oil to enjoy all winter long.

I was always especially fascinated and thrilled by how our olives were transformed into a such a golden, appetizing liquid. There was a yearly celebration and lot of laugher during the harvest season while handpicking olives. However, what I cherished the most was watching olives being crushed and pressed by the two grinding stones mills of my village. The fresh olive oil aroma was truly celestial.

We lived naturally, off the land. Life in Lebanon is still very much lived and loved this way. It is therefore my pleasure to capture the very essence of that lifestyle in LELO Extra Virgin Olive Oil. My goal is to share this life experience and bring pure joy to the food lover’s palate.