10 Rerasons Why

1. I gave it my all.  It took 4 years of hard work and preparation, as well as my personal investment, to make LELO Fine Foods the best there is!

2. I grew up eating only organic foods in Remhala. It’s my desire to share with you the same foods that I eat and enjoy with LELO Fine Foods!

3. Because all of my products are traditionally homemade by women and men in rural Lebanese villages – not by manufacturing plants!

4. Our products are hand-selected, hand-inspected and hand-packaged by real people – not by machines!

5. I know you are picky about the foods you eat.  Me too!

6. Your taste buds will be thankful for the happiness you give them!  That makes me happy, too!

7. We are a NYC-based small business. I care about my reputation and my success – we are neighbors!

8. Our products are for the most part hard to find in US specialties stores! Now you can find them here!

9. We care.  We give back to our farmers, rebuilding Remhala, my hometown, after the war.  We also give back to the NYC Food Bank because we do business here.

10. No hormones, preservatives or chemicals of any kind.  That will never be – no way ever!!

Elie J Nassar

LELO Fine Foods